15 Best Weighted Blankets (2022): Cooling, Throws, and Robes

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As weighted blankets achieve reputation, extra and extra corporations pop up with choices. Most of those we have tried are price recommending, together with all those right here.

Aricove Weighted Blanket for $170: This is a incredible cooling blanket to sleep with solo. It’s good and skinny, so you will not really feel trapped or too scorching beneath. Aricove affords 30-day returns. Available in 10, 12, 15, 17, or 20 kilos

Yogibo Calm Antimicrobial Weighted Blanket for $159: The precise blanket is cool cotton, however the true draw right here is Yogibo’s well-known cotton and spandex mix it makes use of for its covers. The model says it is insanely delicate, and it is not mendacity. It’s stretchy and clean and is machine cleanable (the precise blanket just isn’t). I discovered that pet hair actually clung to it, although, which is widespread with softer materials. It says it has an antimicrobial remedy to maintain it “fresh longer.” You can return it within 14 days.

Casper Weighted Blanket for $169-$189: Casper is another popular bedding brand whose blanket is that classic, cool cotton rather than knit or plush, which can get hot. About the size of a throw blanket, it’s dense enough that even the lightest model gives you that comfortably squished feeling, while the heaviest is like a Thundershirt for humans. Casper offers 30-day returns. Available in 10, 15, or 20 pounds

YNM Knitted Weighted Blanket for $149–$298: YNM’s knitted blanket is soft and perfectly drapey–softer than both the Yaasa and Bearaby. It feels lighter than the others I tried, so newbies to weighted life might prefer it. There are some velvet options available, and the brand has several other types of blankets that we haven’t tried yet, including a cooling one. Returns are available within 30 days. Available in 10, 12, 15, or 20 pounds

Gravity Blanket for $250–$300: Though weighted blankets were a thing before the Gravity Blanket was announced on Kickstarter in 2017, its success quickly made it the face of the category. WIRED writer Arielle Pardes tried it in 2018 and compared it to being “wrapped up in a toasty tortilla like a human burrito.” The Gravity Blanket has gone down in worth since her assessment, making this thick blanket an amazing choice for those who’re perpetually chilly. Available in 15, 20, 25, or 35 kilos

Gravity Travel Blanket for $100: Do you want a blanket on the go? The materials is a bit noisy, like a sleeping bag, however it folds up and suits neatly into its included bag. Both Gravity choices may be returned inside 30 days.

Layla Weighted Blanket for $189$209: Most of our choices are available in a number of sizes, however Layla affords a king-sized model, if you would like to cuddle with another person. It is usually discounted, and it may be returned inside 120 days. Available in 15, 20, or 25 kilos

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