9 Best Espresso Machines and Accessories for Home Baristas (2022)

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There’s at all times room to up your recreation, and there are fairly just a few extra instruments that may aid you make the most effective espresso potential. These are all instruments you’d make use of earlier than the brew, setting the stage for the proper extraction.

Fellow Atmos Canister for Coffee Beans ($40)

A vacuum canister is a good way to retailer your espresso beans. By vacating the chamber of all air each time you shut it, the Fellow Atmos slows down the degradation of all these flavorful oils and chemical compounds inside your freshly roasted beans.


This is certainly one of our prime picks in our Best Coffee Grinders information, and it is a good selection for espresso. Espresso requires a effective and constant grind, the likes of which you’ll be able to simply get out of a burr grinder. Just you’ll want to get in there and give your burrs a sweep now and then—upkeep that the OXO makes straightforward, with a bean bin that snaps aside with none fuss.

Bezzera Bottomless Portafilter ($80)

Nothing will enhance your espresso brewing like a bottomless portafilter. Not as a result of it can make your espresso higher; it’ll make you higher by making you extra conscious of your errors and inconsistencies. Bottomless portafilters are finicky, and when your grind is off otherwise you’ve over-tamped your grounds, the bottomless portafilter allows you to see that in how the espresso coats the underside of the filter and pours down into the cup. Be certain to double-check the circumference in your espresso machine’s group head, although (the place the filter attaches). There are quite a lot of normal sizes, so it’s good to ensure you order the correct one. The most typical are 53 mm and 58 mm, and virtually each bottomless portafilter is available in every of those sizes.

Crema Distributor & Tamp ($44)

Once you place your grounds into your portafilter, the subsequent step is giving them a superb, even tamping. You need to use about 30 to 40 kilos of stress, and whereas you should utilize a scale to find out precisely what that seems like, I discover it’s higher to simply press along with your higher physique, then extract a shot and see the way it went. If it’s too bitter, you tamped too exhausting; if it’s too watery you didn’t tamp exhausting sufficient. A distributor (additionally known as a leveler) makes it straightforward to get an excellent floor for you to tamp, and this one has a tamp on one facet and a distributor on the opposite so you may stage off your beans, then flip this device over and give ’em a superb tamp. Just ensure you get one that matches the circumference of your machine’s portafilter!

Duralex Picardie Shot Glasses, Set of Six ($17)

These are my favourite shot glasses usually, however they’re additionally nice espresso shot glasses—tall and slim sufficient to permit a splendidly aerated crema to kind on prime, and fabricated from tempered glass to allow them to stand as much as the warmth. They’re additionally nice for serving up smaller drinks like macchiatos—a shot of espresso with a dollop of froth on prime.

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