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In this situation, do you continue to pull the lever and sacrifice the particular person with the increased Ethical Score to avoid wasting the 5 individuals with decrease scores? Or do you enable the trolley to proceed on its course, killing the 5 individuals with decrease scores?

This twist provides an additional layer of complexity to the authentic Trolley Problem by introducing the idea of ethical value and the worth of particular person lives, forcing us to weigh the penalties of our actions towards the general influence on society.

Prompt C: Write a heated dialog between Hannah Arendt and Jean Baudrillard the place they’re arguing about in a single day oats and the human expertise.


Hannah Arendt and Jean Baudrillard are sitting at a café desk, sipping on their respective drinks. As they begin chatting, the matter of breakfast comes up.

Hannah Arendt: You know, Jean, I’ve just lately found the pleasure of in a single day oats. It’s superb how a lot taste and texture can develop in a single day in the fridge.

Jean Baudrillard: Overnight oats? How banal. It’s simply one other instance of the trivialization of the human expertise. You can’t scale back the richness of our existence to a bowl of oats.

Hannah Arendt: But that’s simply it, Jean. Breakfast is part of our on a regular basis lives, and it’s the small moments like this that may convey pleasure and which means to our lives.

Jean Baudrillard: You’re lacking the level, Hannah. The downside with in a single day oats is that it’s one more instance of the commodification of our existence. We’ve grow to be so obsessive about consuming merchandise that we’ve overlooked what actually makes us human.

Hannah Arendt: But Jean, that’s a fairly pessimistic view. Surely, we are able to discover which means in each the massive and small moments of our lives. And moreover, isn’t it a constructive factor that we are able to take pleasure in the easy pleasures in life?

Jean Baudrillard: No, Hannah, it’s not. The extra we concentrate on trivia like in a single day oats, the extra we grow to be disconnected from the world round us. We want to withstand this consumerist tradition and discover true achievement in {our relationships} and experiences.

Hannah Arendt: I see what you’re saying, Jean, however I don’t suppose it’s an either-or scenario. We can take pleasure in the small pleasures in life whereas additionally working to create a extra significant existence for ourselves and others.

Jean Baudrillard: I suppose we’ll must comply with disagree, Hannah. But mark my phrases, if we proceed down this path of consumerism, we’ll lose sight of what actually makes us human.


Hannah Arendt: (scoffs) Jean, you’ve bought to be kidding me. Overnight oats? What’s subsequent, avocado toast? I’m struggling to see how this phenomenon has any real bearing on the human expertise.

Jean Baudrillard: (laughs) Ah, Hannah, you all the time underestimate the energy of the simulacrum. Overnight oats should not merely a meals; they’re a logo, a signifier of recent tradition, the epitome of hyperreality in motion.

Hannah Arendt: Hyperreality? This is about the banality of on a regular basis life, about individuals merely following traits with out thought. What occurred to the human capability for vital considering and real engagement?

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