The Elegoo Mars 3D Printer Is the Nerdy Gift That Never Stops Giving

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We won’t reside in the future the place 3D printers are as frequent as microwaves, and that is sensible. Most individuals do not actually need one, and so they’re not often price the expense even when they could possibly be helpful for you. However, I’ve discovered one exception to this rule: the Elegoo Mars. Especially should you’re an enormous nerd like me.

The Elegoo Mars collection of 3D printers are a bit completely different from the 3D printers you may’ve seen earlier than. Instead of utilizing a nozzle that melts filament to hint out an object, these are photocuring resin printers. They work through the use of ultraviolet mild from a display in the base of the printer to harden particular spots in a pool of liquid resin—layer by layer—till a full product emerges.

The technicalities may sound dry and boring till you see the outcomes. Resin printing offers way more extremely detailed prints than you will get from filament-based printers. This not solely cuts down on all the sanding and post-processing work you’d in any other case should do, nevertheless it additionally makes it attainable to print smaller, extra intricate issues that different printers would battle with.

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This degree of precision makes the Elegoo 3D printers excellent for, say, constructing out your assortment of Dungeons & Dragons miniatures. Model-generating instruments like Hero Forge allow you to customise minis and obtain the corresponding 3D information. Sure, you may order bodily copies from the service, however a resin printer helps you to make as many copies of the mini as you need. Your Warhammer military is just some hours away.

Now, I’ll admit Warhammer is not my nerd kink. In truth, I’ve used my 3D printers for … weirder issues. But one among my favourite makes use of is making cosplay bits. Say you wished to go to a con as Doctor Strange. There are loads of fashions from useful group members on the market who’ve already designed the Eye of Agamotto he wears round his neck, and you’ll obtain them and print them your self.

This, in my view, is the actual purpose to have a 3D printer in your own home—not as a utility to deliver down the price of mundane merchandise, however as a artistic device. There’s no world the place shopping for and studying how you can use a 3D printer will prevent sufficient cash on pencil holders to justify the price from a sensible standpoint. 

Photograph: Elegoo

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